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John Nelson - Island Radio.Net Music Contributor

John Nelson Music Contributor

Meet John Nelson, Island Radio.Net Music Contributor

If you're lucky, you just might get to meet someone like John Nelson once in your lifetime. Here at Island Radio.Net, we've hit the lottery because we have him living right next door. How cool is that? Well, let me tell you:

John is quite possibly the most well rounded music lover on the planet. His musical tastes are eclectic and and varied beyond that of the average "consumer" of music. His CD collection rivals most small "record stores". In fact, he and his wife Dorcas have an entire room dedicated to that collection. They affectionately call this room "The Vault". Browse through the CD's stored there and you will agree that the name is very appropriate because it houses some real treasures.

When it came time to put some new music into rotation here at the station, naturally John was the first person we contacted. Yep, we just walked right next door and asked. Always a great neighbor, John immediately agreed to go through his collection and find some music for us. What followed was a great evening of two friends listening to some awesome music. Something that just doesn't happen enough...

In addition to being an aficionado of music, John and his wife Dorcas are avid "islanders" and travel to some great destinations. In these travels John has picked up CD's from local artists and groups, growing the contents of "The Vault" with almost every trip. Some of the more "Tropical Flavored" music you hear on Island Radio.Net is straight from Mr. Nelson's Vault.

Perhaps most gratifying is the authenticity of the music John contributes. It's not commercialized run of the mill covers, but actual Island Music by Island Artists and Groups. Remember, riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World doesn't make you a sailor!

John is always interested in finding new music to broaden his listening experiences. Plus, he's just a Super Nice Guy. So, if you know of an artist or group that he might find interesting then drop him a line here: John Nelson. If the artist or group has a website, please be sure to include a link to that site in your email.

We want to thank John for his vast contributions to Island Radio.Net and let him know how much we appreciate his generosity. If you like what you hear, please do the same by sending him an email.



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