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The Station and How It Works for You!

Island Radio.Net was created with the listener/website visitor in mind. We have put thought and effort into building the most pleasant listening experience possible for you. From the playlist to the website layout and content, our listeners are what drive Island Radio.Net. In that spirit, we always encourage your participation so that we may continue to improve your experience here. Now, for some really cool stuff you're gonna love!...

A Unique Listening Experience for Each Listener

Island Radio.Net launches differently for every single listener and randomly shuffles the playlist to keep things interesting for you. While some internet radio stations have a handful of playlist configurations and play them over and over, we change things up every single time a listener tunes in.

The Playlist and How to Change the Song You're Hearing

In our efforts to serve the widest possible audience with the highest quality music, we sometimes play songs that some listeners like and others don't. Don't like the song you're hearing? No problem! You can simply skip ahead by clicking the Double Arrows pointing to the right. To go back and hear a song again, click the Double Arrows pointing to the left.

No Commercials

Island Radio.Net prides itself in being a "commercial free" radio station. Why would we subject our listeners to obnoxious commercials when they're already bombarded all day everyday on broadcast radio? We understand that as a listener, you have endless choices of places to go for music. So, we are committed to providing you with a commercial free listening experience. You may occasionally hear a station ID, which lets the wandering visitor exactly where he or she is tuned into. Island Radio.Net guarantees you that you will not hear commercials while you listen.

Technical Issues?

Occasionally, there may be technical issues on either your end or ours. Most often, these are short and temporary dropouts due to high numbers of listeners fighting for bandwidth. If you experience a dropout or if a song stops, simply click either the Double Arrow Forward Button or the Double Arrow Backward Button and the playlist should reset itself. Sometimes, the version of Flash Player on a listener's computer may be outdated which can cause the station to drop out. It's best to make sure you have a fairly current version of Flash Player for the best listening experience.

Help Us Make Island Radio.Net Better for You

Island Radio.Net serves you, our listener. From the playlist to the content you find on the website, we continually endeavor to provide you with what we believe interests you most. Tell us how we're doing. If you like something or if you don't, let us know. We want your suggestions and input so that we can make Island Radio.Net the radio station you tune into every day. Please Email Bret Walton here with any feedback or suggestions.


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